Sports Events Marketing Experience: Day 1

Walking into Nationals Park in DC, I was impressed from the start. Who would have thought? A team that was dead last…with a mouth-dropping stadium.

Looking at the agenda, how can you not be impressed? Representatives from the NBA, Octagon, Georgetown University, AOL, CBS, Washington Redskins, Under Armour, USA Today, and of course our host, the Washington Nationals. The opening Keynote Address was given by Major League Soccer President, Mark Abbott.

The event was marketed towards potential players in the sports, events and marketing industries; those being young professionals, motivated students or career changers. There was a mix of each but the audience was primarily made of college level students.

A speaker that took the lead was AOL Vice-President, Jimmy Lynn…

Jimmy Lynn has been a key player in the business for quite some time. At AOL, from 1995-2006, Lynn was as innovative as anyone there. Lynn was responsible for the relationships surrounding the sports content seen on AOL. A few of the partnerships developed under his guidance were with the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, and HBO. Now, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, Lynn graduated from American University with a B.A. in Public Communications and a M.B.A. in Marketing. Lynn is very supportive of young professionals at the collegiate level.

In regards to today’s business leaders and practices – “Go Mobile, Go Global, or Go Green.” – Jimmy Lynn

Another speaker of note was Tim McDermott of the Washington Capitals…

The Capitals’ Chief Marketing Officer gave inspiring words towards the sports industry and what we need to succeed. He spoke of the ENERGY and DRIVE industry professionals can never lose. It is the ENERGY and DRIVE we can never give up. It was stressed that we need to learn everyday on the job. In this industry, the sports industry, we can never be at a stand-still.

“We have to keep our foot on the gas…” – Tim McDermott


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