Lakewood Blueclaws are making BIG moves…

For the past few months all we have heard at work, in the papers, over the blogs, during our meetings, and on TV have been negative results of the economy – loss of jobs, stock market blows, and simply, a depressed state of mind all over the nation.

The Lakewood Blueclaws, a minor league affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, have brought a positive light to the picture. Get out of your houses, bring the family out, have a GREAT time – all for a $1…or maybe $4. This is the message the Blueclaws are sending.

The Blueclaws announced last month that kids would be eating FREE all season. Yes, you heard correct, all kids, 12 and under, will be walking in the stadium, and eating free – for all 70 home games. This is quite a statement the Blueclaws are making.

Check out the release…


Most recent, the Blueclaws have launched $1 weekend to start the season. The weekend of April 10th-12th, fans can purchase tickets for $1. With that, I family of four can get in the park and feed the two young ones for a measly four dollars!

Further information –

Each of these promotions bring on an extreme risk and reward. The response has been fantastic! Keep an eye out on the Blueclaws. Take a peek and follow them on Twitter!


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